Advance Your Own Electronic Music Production Knowledge & Skills…

Universal Grooves

Own your music-business-life!

Take full responsibility for every aspect of your music production education and career, right now.  You’re in business for yourself from the get-go and this won’t change as long as you’re in music.

You need to find out what you need to learn and do and then learn and do it. Repeat this over and over again. It’s an ongoing process throughout your career, one you can always improve on.

Opportunities will come and so will breaks.  You have to however be ready and prepared to pursue these opportunities or they will pass you by.  So, focus on your craft, hone your studio chops and get the work done. You have no time to waste if your aim is to become a great music producer.

What you need to know…

Electronic music production is your craft and should of course be your top priority as a music…

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