Ben Prada – Control the Universe


House - EDM - Techno

Ever since we heard a teaser from Ben Prada’s first single “Control the Universe” released on Universal Grooves, we knew this DJ/Producer had something special. With his own style, Ben goes into a wild and energetic drop with a minimal melody behind it, preferring to focus on the raw power that electro can provide.

Although much of the EDM is dominated by the same established names that rotate amongst main stages, Ben Prada found a loophole and managed to swim his way into the elite club.

The experienced DJ, DJing already for over 16 years, keeps it fresh in a sometimes saturated market, bringing aboard outside elements to spice up his slamming electro chords and vivacious synths. This track has already seen support from a ton of well known DJ’s, and will definitely be in set circulation throughout the summer.

“Control the Universe” released on the 25th of April…

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