Deep Grooves by Ben Prada ( Out in September )

Pirana17.07-3After a busy year of producing and progressing new sounds, Ben Prada releases his first official EP, we get together with Ben to talk about his upcoming album Deep Grooves.

His first production Time which presented saxophone brass sounds, it has a deep thinking windy sounds which is totally cross ways with Dancing Piano, which is inspiring motivating, go go sounds.

We did a a short label coverage interview with Ben and asked him some questions:

Why Deep Grooves ?

Ben: Since i started to produce, i been keen to produce the sounds i enjoy regardless of the styles. so i have gathered deep uplifting tracks produced as singles in one EP, which how i describe Deep House Grooves, and here it is.

Which song in the album is your favourite? 600summerlove

Ben: It is quite hard as i could never compare sounds, each have their own unique time to listen, but as Deep Grooves, i must say Summer Love, it is a great collar with Tonkas voice which gave me goose bumps while i was working on the project.

Will you produce more Deep House sounds ?

Ben: i am really not sure, but i can honestly say why not, the future is bright and my production abilities works with my emotions, i might need some downs but, sure expect anything.

Why did you release the first EP with Deep, House sounds ?

Ben: i want it to start deep and take off as i do in my sets, i start deep, drive tech then electro hard beats, which does make the crowd love more.

When are you planing to release the next Album ?

Ben: uuuhhh well i am working side by side with great Artist and i have great uplifting EDM tracks on the way, i will release the second album by Christmas, fingers crossed.

We are proud with Ben Prada and his selection of music, watch out for Deep Grooves releasing in the beginning of September.

You can pre order on ITunes now by clicking HERE

If you are interested in Booking Ben Prada, please click HERE 

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