Launch date for new radio station

rdc cover

The new radio station is to be launched at the start of January.

Radio Dance Chart is to be online on Sunday January 3rd at 18:00.

The Radio will start off with Ohrganic’s EP called “Groove is in the Heart”. The EP will be out on the 4th of January, exclusively on Beatport and it includes 2 tech house tracks.

(more new releases will be aired on the radio, so stay tuned).

It will provide Live DJ mixes and mix of dance chart music and more. The station can be heard online and streamed via computer, tablets, ipads and smartphones. Interviews with DJ’s might be added later on next year but nothing is to be promised.

For more information contact the Radio on:
rdcfacebook Radio Dance Chart Radio Dance Chart Radio Dance Chart

Ohrganic – Groove is in the Heart (EP)

ohrganic EP

Ohrganic is a tech house DJ/Producer from Vienna, Austria. The Ibiza party lover is all about the good vibes, therefore, naming his first EP “Groove is in the Heart”.

There’s not much to tell about Ohrganic as he keeps it to himself a lot, he prefers hiding his identity.

What we can do say is, his grooves are actually inspired by the Ibiza parties and the way people live in the island.

The EP contains 2 tracks, “Fiesta” and “Strong”.

Universal Grooves Records and Ohrganic have been working on this EP for the past month, so you can expect something different, a game changer for the DJ/Producer.

“Groove is in the Heart” is going to be out on the 4th of January, exclusively on Beatport.

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Universal Grooves Producers on the Rise

Universal Grooves Records, the digital label with no more than a year old, is now on the rise along side many others. The label is giving many young and unknown producers the change to really make a name for themselves and shape the sound of a generation. Who are these DJ/Producers that are taking house to the next level? Step inside and find out.

ben prada


Hakan Nurhak also known as Ben Prada, started DJing in the late 90s in one of hottest tourist Location (Antalya ) Turkey. He has got over 15 years of experience in hotels, festivals and radios and that makes him work very fast and efficient in the music industry. The creator of both Universal Grooves Records and Best DJ Agency is now rising with beautiful sounds making him one of the first producers in the label having his own tracks aired on BBC Radio, “Our Lives” being aired first and “Summer Love” right after. The Turkish DJ also owns a club in Boston, Lincolnshire called Pirana Nightclub with a obvious residency along side young DJ/Producer Ivan.



Growing up in the Edmonton area, EWAR (Nicholas Bartlett) always had the passion and skill for music and audio, starting playing instruments at the age of 12 and producing 2 years after. His first release under his new alias EWAR, “Bigger Than Ever“, came out in March. It gandering over 2.000 views in one week on an account with no followers. As of June 2015, he had an explosive growth in only 3 months with 16.000 views on 4 songs all together, and over 1,200 followers. With his melodic, urban infused take on EDM, he’s someone to keep an eye on.



Starting with Progressive Trance and then adding his own electro fresh sound, DJ/Producer Ainars Semjonovs also known as ASM is one to watch. The Latvian DJ/Producer knows his sounds and how to make people feel the real, good vibes. With 2 tracks released on UGR, ASM is the first Progressive house producer on the label, making him the alpha male on this genre.


DJ Sonny B

Soner Tursoy Babutsa also known as DJ SonnyB, born and raised in Cyprus, Turkey. Sonny B is known as one of the old school real artist out there, playing many instruments, DJing, singing, writing songs and producing. The Turkish DJ/Producer already got 4 singles released on UGR and all 4 are going huge on the label.



Time to clear up some space on that iPod; IVAN is going to need some room. With huge sounds, all his own, Ivan’s got the goods to make it big. Founded and mentored by Ben Prada, Ivan’s been helping UGR on the rising since the beginning. He recently released a track called “The Square” which gone wild on Soundcloud. Also with a track aired on BBC Radio called “Without You“. He is young and talented, there’s no telling what the future holds for him.

EWAR – Crimson Out Now

Canadian DJ Producer Ewar, drops great EDM track for Canada, Crimson is uplifting Electro Dance Track with superb future clashes and EdM drops.

After releasing Here we Go, Ewar continues to thrive the movement at Universal Grooves, with Crimson, being his second single release He yet again on rise with spreading the voice in freedom of music.

Crimson - Listen now

Crimson – Listen now