Ohrganic – Groove is in the Heart (EP)

ohrganic EP

Ohrganic is a tech house DJ/Producer from Vienna, Austria. The Ibiza party lover is all about the good vibes, therefore, naming his first EP “Groove is in the Heart”.

There’s not much to tell about Ohrganic as he keeps it to himself a lot, he prefers hiding his identity.

What we can do say is, his grooves are actually inspired by the Ibiza parties and the way people live in the island.

The EP contains 2 tracks, “Fiesta” and “Strong”.

Universal Grooves Records and Ohrganic have been working on this EP for the past month, so you can expect something different, a game changer for the DJ/Producer.

“Groove is in the Heart” is going to be out on the 4th of January, exclusively on Beatport.

Watch out for the teaser on: https://www.facebook.com/universalgrooves

Also, support the artist on: https://soundcloud.com/ohrganic1

Last but not least, follow UGR on: https://soundcloud.com/universalgrooves


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