EDM Raid (EP) by Ben Prada

Uprising Electro Dance Music EDM is hard to define precisely and few DJs ever wave its flag. The acronym stands for electronic dance music, but it’s a misnomer because EDM has come to mean a specific dance music subgenre, distinct from other sounds such as techno, minimal house, disco, funk, drum’n’bass. It captures a period of dance music history in which rave culture finally broke through to the American mainstream, after decades of dominance in Europe, Australia and a few local strongholds including California and Detroit.
After having a huge two success on commercial main stream with ‘Our Lives’ and followed by ‘Summer Love’ Ben Prada pulls the sleeve for the main stage and comes with incredible sounds for next year, with electro clashes, clear drops aggressive and progressive, this one is not for the faint hearted, he brings you four(4) unique festival sound’s (EDM Raid) to your collection.

EDM Raid is available all major download sites from 11th of January 2016.

Pioneered with, Lets Go, Istanbul, Seven Music, Control the Universe

Officially  from today you can pre order EDM Raid on I-Tunes


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