IVAN – UK National Tour

12510453_10206435501665549_9057231962167522567_nHailing from Lisbon, Portugal young upcoming DJ/Producer Edgar Oliveira also known as IVAN.

IVAN into music on his early 15, leading him on the production side when he turned 17. He started off as a “Kuduro” producer (an African music created in Angola), then follow by hip hop and r&b.

Soon enough he’d realise that his skills could be used for a greater purpose, so he decided to move to England, to find inspiration and also to learn more about the music industry.

After 5 years in England working in a factory and still producing in his bedroom, IVAN had great hip hop productions and was able to edit and thrive other styles of music productions. Ben Prada noticed his work and was impressed with IVAN’s ability to produce and passion for music.

Signed with Universal Grooves Records since November 2014, Ben Prada has been mentoring and partnering IVAN since August 2014.

IVAN produces Deep, Tech, Uplifting, Future, House music. He’s also a resident DJ at Pirana Nightclub.

With over thirteen releases Ivan found main stream (BBC Radio) last year with one of his song ‘Without You’ which has been introduced by one and only Tom Robinson.


Visit IVAN Facebook

Visit IVAN Facebook

IVAN released an EP called ‘Toxic Emotions’ and includes 7 amazing tracks with mixed styles.


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