Ohrganic ‘NEW DAY’

Take a look at this picture…


Had a close look? Good.

How did it make you feel? Most of you will probably use words like ‘good’ ‘relaxed’ ‘amazed’…

We believe music makes you call forth mental images of past memories, and so does Ohrganic (a DJ/Producer signed by Universal Grooves).

Ohrganic has been working on a specific genre that people been talking about a lot, called ‘Soul House’ or ‘Melodic House’. Artist such as Michael Calfan, Robin Shulz or Sam Feldt have been putting out tracks of this genre with huge success. This track features warm instrumentals and vague vocal samples which makes you call forth mental images of past memories (as we mentioned before).

‘New Day’ is the brand new track by Ohrganic and it will be released on the 1st of March.

Layered synth plucks at each peak give the track some semblance of groove, but while it’s not a flat-out lousy song, it’s simply not that memorable either.

The interesting fact about this track is that it does make you feel like you’re experiencing a new day, as if your thoughts are purified and all you want to do is to ‘start over’.

Our team listened to the track whilst looking at images (such as the one above) and videos of nature.

You can too experience this amazing feeling soon…

‘New Day’ will be available for the listeners on our Soundcloud.

Follow us on Facebook for more details.

Thank you for your time and we’ll come back to you with more amazing sounds and features of Universal Grooves Artist’s.



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