While we are updating our site we are still auditioning great Dance Records, we are currently meeting new Talents and Artists thru Soundcloud or similar groups, we are looking for Future sounds, House, Dance, Tech Trance, Progressive and Deep.
We release Dance Music to almost all Major music download sites.
Our Artists benefits from promotions in multi platforms.

Audio Publishing license and UGR Distrubutors list. What do we do ?PRS

Publishing: We prepare 5  year publishing plans aligned to 5 year forecasts.  Schedule commissioning meetings to get sign off for publishing projects.
 Ensure that the right projects are escalated up to the PPL publishing meeting.
 Ensure cost effective resourcing for the department.
 Ensure profitable publishing delivering returns and a sustainable business.
 Oversee digital publishing.
 Oversee identification, commissioning and management of authors.
 Conduct research to inform profitable publishing.
 Oversee project management of titles.Supervision
 Schedule and monitor progress of titles to ensure that books are published on time according to the Publishing Plan.
 Allocate budgets to editorial projects and track the spend on these projects.
 Monitor Publishers to ensure that sound publishing processes are followed to ensure quality.  Review and improve publishing processes on an ongoing basis.
 Recruit and train high quality staff and ensure that staff undergo relevant training and that training is implemented and shared across lists, We ensure adherence to company policies. In association with Media Emperor
link us up with your favourite work and cover letter
International Emotions are Set here.

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DJs Producers Simply filled the form below.
Read Terms and Conditions UGR Artist Agreement

Recently Added.
Are you looking for a part time job that lets you make money and have fun; I mean really blow off some steam, at the same time? A job that turns all the time you spend on Facebook, twitter etc into cold hard cash?
Competent applicants. Competency is measured by experience, and a database. Experience is self explanatory, by a database we not only mean large Facebook, twitter, bb (social networks), but also exposure to large groups of people: people in universities, colleagues etc.

Each week you will receive a newsletter with details of all our upcoming events. You then have to make us aware of which events you are interested in advertising. We will also provide you with an event page on Facebook, a sample broadcast to customise for Blackberry, Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter and Text messaging. We will supply electronic flyers for sharing and invitational purposes on all social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, twitter and others). Your job at hand will be to spread the word as widely as you can and build a guest list for the events you choose to advertise. This is a cash in hand job purely based on commission! You will essentially be self employed so you choose your own hours. We are ONLY looking for people that are hardworking, ambitious and professional. We are looking for people that are fun loving and outgoing, essentially party animals that are business minded who loves being involved in music industry.


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